After a lot of requests, I finally filmed a make up tutorial! I’m a bit nervous to show you, since A: you see my face without any make up on and B: I don’t really like my Dutch accent… Oh well! I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any suggestions for my next video, please let me know!! :) Ps. Make sure to watch the video in HD!

Products that I used:


When in Zakynthos, definitely book a boat trip! There are a lot of beautiful places you can’t visit by car so I suggest you take a boat. One day we booked a boat trip and another day we rented our own little speedboat. Let’s start with the day we booked a boat trip together with some other tourists.
^ On our way to the port, we drove along the coast, where this was our view most of the time.
^ Also, on our way to the port, we stopped at a little cafe to eat breakfast and afterwards I took a quick swim.Zak2
^ Arriving at Navagio/Shipwreck beach, SO PRETTY! And also SO QUITE! As you can see here, normally it’s a bit crowded as it’s a favorite stop among many visitors. But since the sea was kind of wild, big boats weren’t able to moor near the shore. Luckily we were on a small boat so wear able to swim to the shore!GOPR0
^ Swimming in the most beautiful water ever.. ♥ zak4
^ Next stop: the famous blue caves! Also, verrry pretty.
^ On one of our last days we rented our own little speedboat. We wanted to see some small beaches (and Turtle Island) so that’s what we did! zak5
^ On our way to turtle island we spotted this little guy right here, COOL!
^ Captain Steph… (But not really :p)zak16
^ After a little while we arrived at Turtle island! Very beautiful.. (It’s named turtle island because of its turtle-like shape)zak14
^ Our own Speedy Gonzales for the day hahazak12^ *inserts heart-eyes emoji*
I hope you like the pictures & I will be back with an outfit post tomorrow again. (I know, finally! I will explain it all tomorrow) For now good night people! Xxxx


marc-inbanemarc-inbane2During summertime, most of us want to have a nice tan. But getting that smooth, glowing, tan look on a natural way mostly takes a lot of time + isn’t that great for your skin. That’s why I tested the Marc Inbane tanning spray last weekend! It’s easy to apply, dries quickly, feels great on the skin and lasts nearly 5 days! I only applied it on my body, not on my face, because I first wanted to see how my body would react to it. Now that I know how my body reacts to it, I’m also applying it to my face – I’ll keep you updated!! :) Xxxx

Tanning spray here.

Now on another note: I asked you this morning if I should film my make up tutorial in English or Dutch.. but I didn’t receive much comments.. like.. not at all ;p so please let me know what you think! Because your wish is my command haha! 


11Hey there! Yesterday I was finally feeling a bit better after having some sort of flu. Since we’ve been home from vacation I have had an upset stomach and felt tired basically all the time. So annoying :( I googled my symptoms and found that it is not unusual to feel a bit like that after returning from sun-vacations. Now I finally feel rested and I’m ready for a new week!!
Yesterday my boyfriend & I went shopping in the city and ate sushi for dinner. I bought some new clothes and was thinking of filming a fashion haul. (??) I don’t know what it is, probably because I’ve been sick the last couple of days, but I’m totally into YouTube. I’ve watched some great vlogs, hauls, make up tutorials and so on. Later this week I’m filming a make up tutorial, because a lot of you requested that. I’m just not sure yet whether to talk Dutch or English… ah.. help me!! Talk to you later! X

What I wore:

Ps: if you don’t see the item I’m wearing on the picture here, I looked up a similar item. For example, these boots are from Zara’s summer 2013 collection so now I’m showing you an alternative :)


Hello there my favorite people! :) Here are some pictures of what we did/see on our first couple of days in Zakynthos, Greece. I like to call this a ‘guide’ since some of you asked me what places to visit/see when in Zakynthos. I hope you like the pictures! Let’s start!!
^ These pictures were taken at Banana beach. Our hotel staff recommend this beach and called this the ‘Ibiza of Greece’ haha.. The atmosphere here was really relaxing and quite. There were also two beach cafe’s were you could eat some lunch, so that’s what we did. If you follow me on Instagram you already saw this picture. Greece3Greece4Greece5
^ One thing you have to do when you’re visiting this beautiful island, is to see Navagio beach from above. We drove to this place with our car on our second day and this view was ahh-maaa-zing. No seriously. So beautiful!! I was kind of a dare devil and climbed over a railing at the famous tourist attraction to take these pictures. But you obviously can enjoy the view safely and not climb over the railing as well. :)Greece6Greece7
^ One of the few beautiful beaches in the west of Zakynthos. I can’t remember what the name of it was.. If you’re really interested let me know, I can do some research for you!

^ Going out for dinner in Zakynthos town. Let me tell you one thing: don’t dress like this :p you will definitely be overdressed haha. I changed my heels into flip flops and felt a bit more.. normal ;) Dress from here

Greece10^ Chilling at Alykes beach - I really loved it here!! ♥ See you later sweeties! X