satisfashion satisfashion2Hello, gooood evening! How are you doing lovelies? I’m doing absolutely fine, especially since I just ate sushi. Yum yum! As you may noticed, lately my pictures aren’t taken in Amsterdam, but in my hometown Arnhem. I’m spending two weeks at my moms house so that’s why :) Today I played SuperMario Wii with my best friend and we naaaailed it. Haha! It was something like 28 degrees Celsius outside and we decided to stay at home the whole day. Ehm.. Please don’t judge us! :p
About my outfit: I was wearing a Vila skirt which I bought yesterday – this color is perfect for summer, but also for fall. Can you visualize this with a white top, a black leather jacket and some cool black boots? I can and I love it! I borrowed the bag from my best friend and I actually have no idea where she bought it. My boots are from Zara, which I bought last year summer.. I really have to buy some new shoes, but I’m having a hard time finding nice ones. (????) Yeah I don’t know what my problem is. Since the skirt and booties aren’t available online I found some (cheap) similar styles for you guys. BIG KISS!

What I wore (/similar):



Hey pretties! How’s life? Today I’m celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Yay! We’ll bake a cake together this morning (maybe I’ll capture it and write a blogpost about it?) and we will spend the day together doing fun/birthday-ish stuff! But before I can leave my house, I have to finish a photo shoot. At Metropoliton Magazine.. But I don’t have enough energy.. Haaaha! If any of you likes to play the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game you would know what I’m talking about. And to everyone who doesn’t play this game: gooddd. Keep it that way! Because this game is so addictive! (and a bit humiliating to admit that you’re actually playing it). Do any of my readers secretly play this game? Please say yes. I would be a bit… comforted :p I hope you have a lovely Monday! Bye bye!

I was wearing: (boots from The Sting 2013 collection and bag from 2013 as well)


v2 V3Saturdays are for… spending time with my family! I don’t know about you guys, but I love to spend the weekends with my family. Today, I had lunch with my mom and sister and afterwards we bought some ice cream. Yummy! My sister is eight months pregnant and she seriously is the cutest and prettiest pregnant woman ever! Haha :) While we were eating ice cream it started to rain. We were sitting on a terrace so we had to run home. Yes. Run. Home. But we were completely okay with it. After a hot & humid afternoon the rain was more than welcome. It most have been a funny sight though, for whoever saw us running. A pregnant woman, a lady in high heels & short skirt and a mom, eating ice cream while running in the rain. Can you picture it? Hahaha! Have a great evening sweets!

What I was wearing: (bag from H&M fall 2013 and shoes from Primark fall 2013)


DSC_0005Morning my favorite people ♡ Thank you so much for all the sweet comments I received on yesterday’s make up tutorial!! I doubted for a very long time whether I should film something like that.. Plus, I also didn’t really feel confident about talking English, but I’m so happy I took the step, put myself out there and it got appreciated! :)
Yesterday I wore a pretty simple, laid back outfit. I went to the city with my mom for lunch and some shopping. The cardigan I wore is from Urban Outfitters, I’m starting to really like that store. I still think it’s quite expensive though – a plain white tee will easily cost 50 euro (yes, crazy!), so if you’ll buy something, you have to make sure you’ll wear it a whole lot! And that is the reason this won’t be the last time you’ll see this cardigan haha..

What I wore:


After a lot of requests, I finally filmed a make up tutorial! I’m a bit nervous to show you, since A: you see my face without any make up on and B: I don’t really like my Dutch accent… Oh well! I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any suggestions for my next video, please let me know!! :) Ps. Make sure to watch the video in HD!

Products that I used: